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JAMPIRES are about - a brand new picture book publishing Thursday 4 September!

On Thursday 7 August The Etherington Brothers' LONG GONE DON: THE MONSTROUS UNDERWORLD is published!

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Three Astonishingly Fantastic Comic Books Publish Today!

Hip! Hip! Hooray! We're celebrating with three cheers today, as we are very proud to announce the publication of not one...not two...but THREE brand-new titles in our Phoenix Presents series!

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They’re Here…Three of the Very Best Books You Will Ever Read!

Party poppers are a-popping here at DFB, as we’re amazingly proud to be releasing our first two novels as an independent publisher, and the third book in our Phoenix Presents series!

Jon Walter’s lyrical and suspenseful Close to the Wind, Tim Hall’s bold and fantastical Shadow of the Wolf and Adam Murphy’s incredible and fascinating Corpse Talk are all published today!

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Shadow of the Wolf - Cover Reveal

We are delighted to reveal the cover of Shadow of the Wolf by debut author Tim Hall. Artwork by Richard Collingridge.

See the full cover here..


One of the most stunning books DFB has EVER published has at last opened its wings and taken flight: Wayland: the tale of the Smith from the Far North.

“See.” Whispered one of the soldiers,

“The man is an angel. He flies!”

And the whole crew looked on in amazement

As they watched Wayland steadily rise

Excerpt from Wayland: the tale of the Smith from the Far North

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Welcome to the independent DFB

We’re new – but we’ve been around for a while! For nearly twelve years DFB has been run as an imprint – first as part of Scholastic, then of Random House. Since the summer of 2013 we’ve been set up as an independent business – joining our separate but sister company, which publishes the new children’s comic The Phoenix, to form a DFB Storyhouse. Exciting times!

In our independent form we are continuing to publish the same sorts of books as before, and in the same sort of way – but with even greater enthusiasm and commitment.


2 September 2014