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We are delighted to be publishing Jenny Downham's astounding UNBECOMING in paperback this week!

We're thrilled to be publishing Neill Cameron's awesome MEGA ROBO BROS on Thursday!

We're thrilled to be publishing the two BOOKS OF PANDEMONIUM tomorrow - by the amazing Prentice and Weil!

Matt Spink's glorious picture book SOME BIRDS is out TOMORROW!

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The wonderful Unbecoming by Jenny Downham has been shortlisted for the People's Book Prize! 

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TWO marvellous books are being launched into the world by DFB this month. UNBECOMING by Jenny Downham, and MEGA ROBO BROS by Neill Cameron!

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Join Prentice and Weil for a week of devillishly good fun on the Black Arts and Devil's Blood blog tour.

The tour will include author interviews, extracts from the books, and some of their deepest, darkest, secrets, we promise! 

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We are utterly thrilled to be publishing three marvellous books TODAY!

We have the Costa-shortlisted story of friendship JESSICA'S GHOST by Andrew Norriss, the magical picturebook SOME BIRDS by Matt Spink, and puzzling joy in VON DOOGAN AND THE GREAT AIR RACE by Lorenzo Etherington!

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