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David Fickling Books

We’re new – but we’ve been around for a while! For nearly twelve years DFB has been run as an imprint – first as part of Scholastic, then of Random House. Now we’ve set up as an independent business – joining our separate but sister company, which publishes the new children’s comic The Phoenix, to form a DFB Storyhouse. Exciting times!

In our new form we’ll continue to publish the same sorts of books as before, and in the same sort of way – but with even greater enthusiasm and commitment.

We aim to publish our first titles in late Spring 2014. Until then we’ll be working away getting everything ready. We’ll let you know how we’re getting on with announcements and information posted here and elsewhere. It’s the beginning, as I think someone once said, of a great adventure . . .

On this site – still developing – you’ll find information about all sorts of things, including some of the wonderful authors DFB has been associated with in the past. Although their books are published elsewhere we love to celebrate them here. You might be wondering why DFB has gone independent at all. Here are five reasons.


Independence will give us the autonomy to follow our instincts and back our own judgments.


We’ll be able to act more quickly – to come to an immediate understanding with an author, or to get a bid in to an agent, or to react at once to developments in the market or a changes in technology.

This is really important. We think that our link with our authors will be closer and stronger. We value this relationship above all others. It’s the source of creative energy in a publishing house.

Attention to Sales

We want to give close, vigorous and thoughtful attention to every single book we publish to ensure that they all reach as many readers as possible, in the most compelling formats.

New Technologies

In a fast-changing digital world, we don't pretend to know all the answers. But we think that a small, nimble publisher unencumbered by weighty overheads and protocols is well-placed to take quick decisions, to spot new ways of publishing, to get something new off the ground.


DFB is a member of the Independent Alliance, a global alliance of eleven UK publishers and their international partners who share a common vision of editorial excellence, original, diverse publishing, innovation in marketing and commercial success.

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