The Key to Flambards

By Linda Newbery

Grace Russell, at fourteen, has already had to adjust to a devastating accident from which she’ll never recover. Now she and her newly single mother are leaving their city home for Flambards, out in the Essex countryside. An exciting opportunity - but, for Grace, it’s a change too far.

Yet, she finds herself increasingly interested in the house, its people (both past and present) and, especially, two boys she meets: Jamie, who is wrapped up in his own interests, and the deeply troubled Marcus, who is dealing with his difficult, potentially violent father.

Over time, Grace discovers surprising links to the house and landscape she has just arrived in, and in turn, her own place in the world.

Published by : David Fickling Books

Date: 04 October 2018

ISBN: 978-1788450041

Format: Hardback

Price : £12.99

Linda Newbery

It was thanks to K.M. Peyton that Linda Newbery began writing young adult fiction after wanting to be an author from the age of eight. As a student in her early twenties she came across Flambards and felt that it could have been written especially for her. The two authors later became friends, and Linda has already dedicated one of her novels, The Damage Done, to Kathy. Linda’s novels for DFB include Set in Stone, winner of the Costa Children’s Book Award.