Star Cat: Book 1

By James Turner

Winner of the British Comic Award - Young People's Comic Award!

In the deepest depths of space, there is only ONE CREW brave enough to take on the universe's most DANGEROUS VILLAINS...

Unfortunately they weren't available for this book, so you'll have to make do with the crew of the...


Join Captain Spaceington and his team as they BLUNDER across the universe, STUMBLING onto strange planets, STICKING their noses into spacial anomalies, and POKING funny-looking aliens with sticks.

Series : The Phoenix Presents

Published by : David Fickling Books

Date: 02 October 2014

ISBN: 978-1910200063

Format: Paperback

Price : £7.99

James Turner

James Turner started making comics as soon as he was first able to hold a pencil, and has been spouting a nonsensical whirlwind of monsters, robots and talking vegetables ever since. His acclaimed web comic 'The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve' won tens of thousands of followers online, and his anthropomorphic crime fighting team “The Super Animal Adventure Squad” appeared weekly in the pages of the children's comic the DFC. He has sworn that he will not stop making comics until every bizarre character, every unfeasible adventure, and every terrible pun has been uncovered. But he might stop for a bit if someone offers him a biscuit.