The Pirates of Pangaea: Book 1

By Daniel Hartwell and Neill Cameron

Blood-thirsty pirates! Vicious dinosaurs! Danger at every turn!

The year is 1717.

The newly discovered island of Pangaea is the most dangerous place on Earth, where dinosaurs still walk the land…

Sophie Delacourt has been sent to Pangaea to stay with her uncle. But little does she know its perils – for Pangaea is a lawless wilderness, teeming with cut-throat pirates!

Kidnapped and imprisoned, Sophie must escape from the ruthless Captain Brookes and embark upon an epic journey, to find her way home…

Series : The Phoenix Presents

Published by : David Fickling Books

Date: 05 February 2015

ISBN: 978-1910200087

Format: Paperback

Price : £9.99

Daniel Hartwell

Dan has been writing comics for years, and used to run the Caption convention. He has a BA in Media Production from the University of Lincoln and Humberside, where he learned a lot about script writing and story structure. Dan has worked in lots of interesting places including a magistrates court, for a mental health team and as a PA to a brain surgeon.

Neill Cameron

Born and raised in Oxford, Neill Cameron has been drawing comics pretty much since he could hold a pencil. He is the creator of the graphic novel Mo-Bot High, and is currently working on series including The Pirates of Pangaea (with Daniel Hartwell) and How To Make (Awesome) Comics for weekly children's comic The Phoenix.