Troy Trailblazer and the Horde Queen

By Robert Deas

Troy Trailblazer and his team of intergalactic adventurers hold the future in their hands! Can they save the universe from the villanous Horde Queen before the past catches up with them?

Series : The Phoenix Presents

Published by : David Fickling Books

Date: 04 June 2015

ISBN: 9781910200469

Format: Paperback

Price : £7.99

Robert Deas

Robert Deas is a UK comic writer and artist. Robert has also worked extensively with Medikidz, writing comic books that help explain illnesses to children in an accessible way, using a team of young superheroes that travel inside the human body. Robert’s early career was characterised by graphic novel adaptations of literary classics such as Manga Shakespeare: Macbeth and Pride & Prejudice.