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WED WABBIT by Lissa Evans!

03 January 2017

This January, prepare to be plunged into a strange world. A world full of impossible clues, Wimbly Woos (yes, you read that correctly!) and all the while accompanied by your awful cousin Graham. Oh yes, and it’s all your fault…

Lissa Evans is no stranger to comedy. As part of the team behind Father Ted, Room 101 and Have I Got News For You, she is well versed in comedic timing – and WED WABBIT is nothing if not guaranteed to make you laugh. Lots.

It’s about Fidge – practical, organised, independent – and her appalling cousin Graham – spoiled, arrogant and terrified of everything.

It’s about having a little sister who can’t say her ‘r’s, who insists on you reading her the same irritating story every night.

It’s about being part of the most unlikely and ridiculous team in the entire history of teams.

And it’s funny. Really, really funny. Read it aloud, read it for yourself… just read it and enjoy. 

Wed Wabbit is wildly inventive, dazzlingly funny and sometimes scary. It’s a tautly plotted adventure that packs a surprising emotional punch. It has the makings of a classic and will be loved by readers of all ages for many years to come.

And you can read a sneak peek right here!

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