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05 January 2017

We have three marvellous titles publishing in January 2017, so don't miss out! A wonderfully hilarious book by Lissa Evans, a riotous graphic novel from the Etherington Brothers, and a fantastically life-affirming book by Sally Christie...

WED WABBIT by Lissa Evans

You’re called Fidge and you’re nearly eleven.

You’ve been hurled into a strange world.

You have three companions: two are unbelievably weird and the third is your awful cousin Graham.

You have to solve a series of nearly impossible clues.

You need to deal with a cruel dictator and three thousand Wimbley Woos (yes, you read that sentence correctly).

And the whole situation – the whole, entire thing – is your fault.

Wed Wabbit is an adventure story about friendship, danger and the terror of never being able to get back home again.

And it’s funny. It’s really, really funny.

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LONG GONE DON: THE TERROR-COTTA ARMY by The Etherington Brothers

Don Skelton didn't think his day could get any worse after drowning in oxtail soup.

But he was DEAD wrong!

Now Don finds himself trapped in the strange underworld of Broilerdoom, where a dangerous new enemy has begun to seize control.

To save his friends, Don might have to make the ultimate sacrifice!

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THE ICARUS SHOW by Sally Christie

Alex has worked out a foolproof way to avoid being picked on. Don’t React. It’s so simple, it’s brilliant!

David does react and becomes an outcast, nicknamed Bogsy. He’s branded a weirdo and Alex is determined to avoid the same fate.

But one day, Alex gets a note in his bag that forces him out of his safe little world.

Who sent the note? And is it true – will a boy really fly?

A powerful story about friendship, loneliness and a strange kind of genius.

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