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ALL ABOUT MIA...Lisa Williamson's New Book Out NOW!

01 February 2017

Lisa Williamson’s debut novel, THE ART OF BEING NORMAL, took the YA book world by storm, becoming the bestselling YA debut in hardback of 2015 and winning the Waterstones Children's Book Prize for Older Fiction.

This February, Lisa is back with her second novel, retaining her signature warmth, humour and knack for writing characters you can’t help but fall in love with...

Everyone in Rushton knows the Campbell-Richardson sisters.

Grace is the oldest and destined for a first from Cambridge. Signature scent: grapefruit shampoo, second hand books and perfection.

Audrey is the youngest and destined for the Olympics. Signature scent: chlorine, Lucozade Sport and discipline.

Then there’s Mia. In the middle. With no idea what her destiny is. Signature scent: coconut oil, Haribo... and trouble.

Lisa says:

“I like writing about people who are different from me and Mia most definitely fits the bill. She's everything I wasn't as a teenager – loud, confident, brash and daring. I'd have probably been terrified of her, at the same time as secretly wanting to be in her squad. I think that's perhaps why I wanted to get inside her head so much. I wanted to break down the mystique of the coolest girl in the year and actually get to know the person behind the big hair and fiery attitude. As I kind of suspected, there was a lot more than meets the eye.

All About Mia’ is a story about sisters, discovering and accepting your strengths and weaknesses and learning to forgive the people you love. It's chaotic and funny and moody and unexpected – just like its heroine – and I can't wait for you to enter Mia's world. I've absolutely loved getting to know Mia, the good, the bad and everything between. As I prepare to unleash her on the world, I really hope you do too!”

You can read a sneak peek at the first chapter of ALL ABOUT MIA, just...


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