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Philip Pullman's The Book of Dust

15 February 2017

The first volume of Philip Pullman’s The Book of Dust – which has been speculated about for years – will be published on Thursday 19th October 2017.

The Book of Dust is a work in three parts, like His Dark Materials. They will be published jointly by David Fickling Books and Penguin Random House Children’s in the UK, and by Random House Children’s in the US.


Philip Pullman said: “I know from their letters and tweets that my readers have been waiting patiently (mostly) for The Book of Dust for a long time. It gives me great pleasure and some excitement at last to satisfy their curiosity (and mine) about this book.”

David Fickling, Publisher and Editor, David Fickling Books added: “If you are looking for the start of one of the great stories of our time then you have come to the right place! Not since Kim, Treasure Island and their like has there been such a thrilling treat for readers, a glimpse of real adventure beyond the everyday horizon, of something bigger, something universe-changing and relevant to all of us human beings right now in the modern world of 2017. There is a mystery here, an exciting mystery and I urge any reader to set out on the adventure. You will not be disappointed. The Book of Dust is magnificent.”

2017 is a huge festival of Philip Pullman's magnficient writing, as David Fickling Books will also publish two other works from Philip this year; The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of the Ghost Ship on 1 June 2017, and Daemon Voices – Essays on Storytelling in Autumn 2017.

Notes for Booksellers and Customers

  • The Book of Dust is a co-publication between David Fickling Books and Penguin Random House. Penguin Random House are responsible for the distribution and sales of the book, please contact PRH for any sales enquiries.

Notes for Press

  • For further information or images, please contact Katy MacMillan-Scott or Laura Curtis at Riot Communications in the UK on 020 3174 0118 or at:

    For US media enquiries please contact:
    Dominique Cimina at Random House US
    001 212 782 9314
  • David Fickling, Publisher, David Fickling Books, is available for interview through Riot Communications
  • Francesca Dow, Managing Director, Penguin Random House Children’s (UK), is available for interview through Riot Communications
  • For media enquiries in Ireland, please contact Patricia McVeigh at Penguin Random House Ireland: PMcveigh@penguinrandomhouse.ie / 00353 15314158
  • Barbara Marcus, President and Publisher, Children’s Division, Random House US, is available for interview through Dominique Cimina at Random House: dcimina@penguinrandomhouse.com / 001 212 782 9314