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THE NEST in Paperback!

04 April 2017

Out in paperback on 6 April 2017, written by Kenneth Oppel, with illustrations by Jon Klassen, The Nest is a haunting coming of age story that will hold you captive. It is lyrical, surreal and one of the most moving stories you’ll read this year.

"The first time I saw them, I thought they were angels.”

The baby is sick. Mom and Dad are sad. And all Steve has to do is say, “Yes” to fix everything. But yes is a powerful word. It is also a dangerous one. And once it is uttered, can it be taken back? 

Treading the thin line between dreams and reality, Steve is stuck in a nightmare he can’t wake up from and that nobody else understands. And all the while, the wasps’ nest is growing, and the ‘angel' keeps visiting Steve in the night.

“Oppel uses a dark and disturbing lens to produce an unnerving psychological thriller.” – Publishers Weekly

"SERIOUSLY creepy and wonderful" - Guardian Children's Books

"With skillful storytelling, and atmospheric illustrations from one of the coolest illustrators in the business, this reading experience is the glorious result of its stellar parts.

A chilling drama with a heart-racing climax, Oppel's knack of finding an unusual gem of a story that sparkles with memorable moments is in full force here. The Nest is a scary place to be, but you'll be so glad you entered…" - BookTrust

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