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Lesser Spotted Animals out in paperback.... and out in Germany!

06 April 2017

Happy publication day to Lesser Spotted Animals, which is out in paperback today!

From the numbat to the zorilla and everything in between, Martin Brown's fantastic Lesser Spotted Animals is full of wonderfully funny and fact-tastic writing, fabulous illustrations and tummy-tickling jokes. Read Lesser Spotted Animals and discover the animals you never knew you needed to know about!

Check out some of the fantastic reviews that Lesser Spotted Animals received when it was published in hardback last year!

"An amusingly different approach to natural history, full of witty asides and jokey commentary" - Books For Keeps

"This ambitious nonfiction picture book uncovering extraordinary, rarely spotlighted creatures is both informative and funny—quite a feat" - Kirkus Reviews (starred review!)

"Fabulous, you must get hold of this!" - Being A Mummy

"5* Brilliant beasts you never knew you needed to know about" The Bookbag

Lesser Spotted Animals has had some great reader reviews too!

"I would like to read more books like this as this book has taught me a lot! This is the best non-fiction book I’ve ever read!" - Daniel, age 9

"I really liked this book because I like animals, and this book tells you lots of things about animals I had never heard of!" - Toby, age 9

"It tells you really interesting facts about animals that you have never heard of, for example the Lesser Fairy Armadillo...The illustrations are both beautiful and funny" - Matilda, age 8

In between events at the Oxford Literary Festival earlier this week, Martin popped into DFB HQ to say hello and to admire the German edition of Lesser Spotted Animals which includes some fantastically long animal names - our favourite is Langschwanzige Schmalfussbeutelmaus (Long-Tailed Dunnart in English!) 

Click here for a sneak peak!

And don't forget...

 You can buy Lesser Spotted Animals from the DFB Shop!