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Eden Summer is out in paperback this week!

01 May 2017

A heart-warming thriller about friendship, loss and finding yourself in the midst of tragedy... Eden Summer is out in paperback this Thursday!

When her best friend Eden doesn’t turn up for school one morning, Jess’s world is turned upside down. The police say Eden’s missing, and her boyfriend Liam is the prime suspect.

So Jess starts retracing her steps. She looks back over the summer they spent together. She starts to notice new things. She questions everything she thought Eden’s summer had been about. And as the truth is revealed, she realises she needs to find Eden before the unthinkable happens...

We're so proud of the rave reviews that Eden Summer recieved when it published in hardback last year:

"Wiping away my tears after reading Eden Summer, what an absolutely incredible, perfect debut. I'm in awe." - Emily Drabble

"A truly gripping plot is combined with beautiful, emotionally rich writing." - The Bookseller

"Readers will be hooked by this raw and emotional read." - The Sun

"A beautiful, heart-rending tale." - Lancashire Evening Post

"A breathless read." - The Guardian

"Flanagan has a real ability to write from the heart, frankly and honestly, in a way that teens will love." - BookTrust 

...and we were blown away by your gorgeous readers reviews:

"Eden Summer is a beautifully gritty novel, which scrapes at your insides to hollow you out and then fills you back up again." - Weaving Pages

"Fantastic! I was gripped from the beginning and couldn’t put it down…" - The Reader's Corner

"An excellent thriller with vibrant, emotionally driven characters and a superbly written backdrop." - Words From Darran

"Eden Summer was not only a story that I needed to follow to the end but also one that I thoroughly enjoyed while reading." - Luna's Little Library

"A beautiful portrayal of loyalty, friendship and love." - The Crime Warp 

"A top-notch contemporary read." - The Bookbag

Click here for a sneak peak!

And don't forget...

You can buy Eden Summer from the DFB Shop!