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The Wrong Train has arrived... in paperback!

06 September 2017

The master of scary stories, Jeremy de Quidt, has created a spine-chilling spectacular that is guarenteed to give you shivers...

“It dawned on him slowly that there was something wrong…”

It’s late. Dark. A boy rushes to catch a train, leaping aboard just before it pulls away. Suddenly he realises that it’s the wrong train. He’s annoyed, of course, but not scared… Yet.

He gets off at the next station, but the platform’s empty, and it doesn’t look like any station he’s seen before. But he’s still not scared… Yet.

Then a stranger arrives – someone with stories to help pass the time. Only these aren’t any old stories. These are nightmares, and they come with a price to pay.

…Scared yet? You will be.

You can read a special extract from Jeremy's marvellous book...


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