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LOVED TO BITS is a picture book to cherish!

02 January 2019

Inspired by a true story of a boy and his bear, LOVED TO BITS is a celebration of childhood love and adventure, and a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

A small boy and his beloved bear embark on a lifetime of adventures together. They play, dream, hide and explore . . . and inevitably pick up more than a few war wounds along the way.

Worn out and battered, poor Stripy Ted isn’t quite the handsome bear he began life as.

But the boy wouldn’t change him for the world . . .

Funny, tender and true-to-life, Teresa Heapy’s touching rhyming text is perfectly complimented by Katie Cleminson’s stunning illustrations.

Michael Morpurgo says:

‘A book to treasure, to read again and again, one you will love to bits. Who cares if it’s tattered and torn? Some teddy bears are like this! Stripy Bear is like that. Tattered and torn he may be, but who cares? He’s loved and that’s all that matters, loved to bits!’

LOVED TO BITS is available in all good bookshops!