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7 September 2017

Read all about the brains that shaped the world in CORPSE TALK: GROUND-BREAKING SCIENTISTS!

6 September 2017

The Wrong Train by Jeremy de Quidt is out now in paperback!

24 August 2017

Pam Smy's debut, Thornhill, is out now!

3 August 2017

Check out our two FANTASTIC new Phoenix Presents titles!

3 July 2017

The Foolish King by Mark Price is publishing in paperback!

28 June 2017

YA Book Prize shortlisted novel, THE CALL, is out in paperback!

30 May 2017

Join Philip Pullman’s John Blake and the crew of the Mary Alice in an unforgettable time-travelling adventure on the high seas. With art by Fred Fordham.

1 May 2017

'Dazzling, gripping, leaves you gasping for air' and out on Thursday in paperback.

28 April 2017

'A modern mischievous masterpiece', King Coo is a must read!