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David Fickling Books is a story house, and we only publish 12-20 titles a year. We are a small outfit with a worldwide reputation! Since going independent we have been overjoyed and overwhelmed by the incredible number of fantastic manuscripts that have flitted, floated and over-flowed through our door (over one hundred a week, wowsers!).

Don't stop, we love seeing new work. We adore stories for all ages, in both text and pictures. Quality is our watchword.

However, we're a tiny little team here and although we carefully read everything sent in and honour the huge amount of work we know every single one has taken to get to us, I'm afraid we just can't get back to everyone.

So, if you haven't heard from us within 3 months, please assume we have decided not to publish your work.


  • Please only send us the first 3 chapters of your writing (or just 3 samples of your artwork) attached to your cover email as a PDF document. Don't worry, if we're eager to see more, we'll definitely be in touch!
  • Submissions should saved in the format Author Name_Full Title and clearly labelled with your full name and contact details, written in English, typed, double line-spaced, and with numbered pages.
  • Furthermore, we will no longer be able to send work back to anyone (even if you include a stamped and addressed envelope. We hope you can understand we're just too small to be able to post hundreds of pieces back).

Please email your work to: submissions@davidficklingbooks.com

(or post to David Fickling Books, 31 Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2NP)