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DFB Story House

Master of the Inkpot Competition 2015

We have brilliant news!

We will soon be accepting unsolicited submissions again – but with an exciting twist.

It has been very sad for us to suspend our unsolicited submissions for the past few months. We feel that receiving books and stories from everyone brave enough to write them is one of the great pleasures of publishing. And so we are pleased to say that very soon we will be opening our doors once again.

Sharpen your quills, blacken your inkpots and scrub your parchments, because we are pleased to announce the first EVER…

DFB Story House

Master of the Inkpot Competition 2015!

We will be accepting unsolicited submissions between May 5th and May 19th 2015.

(So you have the first May bank holiday to do some final finishing touches!).

We will gather all the brilliant stories that are sent to us during this period, and read and respond to all of them within 3 months (at which point a short list will be announced).

Every submission we receive in this period will be seriously considered for publication - this isn't just a competition - this is a chance for writers without agents to get their work into a publisher's hands. We are sorry to say that we will not be able to consider any unsolicited submissions sent before or after the dates listed above.

We cannot guarantee that we will publish any of the work we receive - DFB prides itself on only bringing the best books into the world and so we have very high standards that our ink pot competitors will need to meet (but we are very much hoping that we will be publishing something!).

We will select the top 5 submissions and feature a sample of their work and some information about the author on our website. They will also each receive a runner-up certificate.

We will select one overall winner, crowning them Master of the Inkpot 2015. The winner will be invited to meet the DFB team for an editorial meeting to discuss their work. (Note - as a tiny company we only meet with writers we want to publish so this means we think their work is pretty special!). They will also be featured on our website.

Watch this space for further information including guidelines, articles, advice and further details regarding the prizes.

A bit of (story)house keeping:

(Please note – we will not accept any submissions that do not adhere to all of these criteria):

1. We will only accept one submission per author (if you send in more than one, we’ll only be able to consider the first submission we receive).

2. Submissions will only be accepted between Tuesday 5th May and Tuesday 19th May.

3. We are looking for any kind of book – whether it is a picture book, early reader, young adult or even adult – we are looking for a good story and will consider every single submission for publication. Please make sure to format your submission as set out below:

PICTURE BOOKS – please send at least 2 or 3 examples of illustrations and a full written manuscript as a separate Microsoft Word document, double spaced in 12pt Arial, Helvetica or Calibri. Please make sure you number every page and that the header of every page contains your name, contact details and the title of the work. We CANNOT accept picture book submissions without illustrations (nor illustrations without a full manuscript)

CHAPTER BOOKS – please send the first 3 chapters (or around 5,000 words) as a Microsoft Word document, double spaced, in 12pt Arial, Helvetica or Calibri fonts. Please make sure you number every page and that the header of every page contains your name, contact details and the title of the work.

4. We will be accepting both postal and electronic submissions and will accept postal submissions up to 3 days following the closing date.

5. Don’t send it until it’s so good you can’t stand it any more – get your friends, family and milkman to read it first and then go back and edit it yourself and send the best version of it you can to us.

6. Since all submissions will be considered for publication, they CANNOT have been published before (including self published) nor currently be contracted to be published.

7. If you’ve sent us something in the past, and you’ve re-worked it, we’ll be more than happy to take a second look for the competition and promise we will look at it afresh.

Please note that due to time constraints we are not able to offer feedback on texts that we do not choose to publish. We also cannot guarantee that any of the submissions will be published.

Watch this space for more details about exactly how to submit and much, much more...