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Tomorrow we are publishing three marvellous books!

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We're delighted to be publishing three astonishingly wonderful books this month - MY NAME'S NOT FRIDAY, THE HERO'S TOMB and THE MURDSTONE TRILOGY!

We're delighted to be publishing THREE astonishingly great books TODAY, 4 June!

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PIRATES OF PANGAEA: BOOK 1 is in the Summer Reading Challenge! Young readers from all over the UK will be able to join Sophie and Kelsey in their epic journey across the land where pirates RIDE dinosaurs...in libraries up and down the country!

To celebrate this fabulous fact we are thrilled to offer YOU a wonderful opportunity - to buy unique copies of PIRATES OF PANGAEA from the DFB Shop, each with an exclusive, individual dinosaur drawn by Neill Cameron!

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#RememberingMal - Thankyou

Today is the final day of our week-long #RememberingMal campaign. Since the launch this time last week, Twitter has lit up with heartfelt tributes to Mal's life, writing and legacy. 

#RememberingMal -Thankyou

#RememberingMal - Inspiring Norfolk

"You can take the girl out of Norfolk but never take Norfolk out of the girl..."

Today, Joy Court (Chair of the CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medals) shares her memories of the great Mal Peet and their mutual connection to Norfolk for our #rememberingmal campaign: 

Joy Court on Mal Peet

Anthony McGowan on #RememberingMal

This week, we're continuing our #rememberingmal campaign in honour of the much-missed Mal Peet and the PB publication of The Murdstone Trilogy.

We've been overwhelmed by the heartfelt responses we've had in so far - testimony to the way in which Mal made a lasting impression on everyone who met him, or read him.

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Today is a really special day as it marks the pb release of The Murdstone Trilogy, by our dear friend Mal Peet.

Since his death earlier this year it has been overwhelming to see so many plaudits roll in, celebrating Mal the writer and Mal the man, and over the next few weeks we would love you to share more of your memories.

Remembering Mal

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28 July 2015