Pam Smy

I fell in love with drawing at the age of 19. That was a while ago. Since then hardly a day has gone by without drawing something I have seen or imagined. Drawing has given me the ability to capture stories and characters I see all around me, and I love that illustrating gives the opportunity to translate these everyday observations into recreating imagined worlds for authors.

I love stories with atmosphere, history or suspense, especially if those stories give me the opportunity to create strong characters and new spaces and places. I love short stories, books set in powerful landscapes, or rural and pastoral environments. I would love to illustrate classics such as Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Jamaica Inn, The Secret Garden or Tom's Midnight Garden. To be able to illustrate for Linda Newbery and Siobhan Dowd in books that deal with nature and landscape has been a gift in recent years and has reinvigorated my passion for the illustrated novel.

Books by Pam Smy