Pam Smy

“Pam Smy has created a wonderful piece of work in Thornhill...I think it's terrific.” – Philip Pullman

As she unpacks in her new bedroom, Ella is irresistibly drawn to the big old house that she can see out of her window. Surrounded by overgrown gardens, barbed wire fences and 'keep out' signs, it looks derelict.

But that night, a light goes on in one of the windows. And the next day she sees a girl in the grounds.  

Ella is hooked. The house has a story to tell. She is sure of it.

Published by : David Fickling Books

Date: 24 August 2017

ISBN: 978-1910200612

Format: Hardback

Pages: 540pp

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Pam Smy

I fell in love with drawing at the age of 19. That was a while ago. Since then hardly a day has gone by without drawing something I have seen or imagined. Drawing has given me the ability to capture stories and characters I see all around me, and I love that illustrating gives the opportunity to translate these everyday observations into recreating imagined worlds for authors.

Reviews of Thornhill

“Pam Smy has created a wonderful piece of work in Thornhill. The drawings are full of atmosphere, the words are full of tension and emotion all the more powerful for being so sparingly revealed. This is in one sense a classic English lonely-child-and-garden story, in the tradition of Frances Hodgson Burnett and Philippa Pearce; in another it’s a ghost story; in another it pays tribute to the dark-sinister-house genre most famously seen in Hitchcock’s Psycho. But it’s also a story of friendship and courage and of the power of black-and-white images. I think it’s terrific.” – Philip Pullman