The Cup of the World
John Dickinson

The tautest, most realistic medieval fantasy you could wish for - and a towering achievement for a first novel. Filled with immense characters, this thrilling novel of moral complexity and vision announces the arrival of a special new writing talent.

Phaedra, the beautiful daughter of a baron, has been visited in dreams by an elusive knight for almost as long as she can remember. And when his presence becomes a reality, she is forced to choose him and a new life over her home and her father. But this sets off a chain of events that she could not have foreseen - a battle between good and evil which is in turn violent and psychologically compelling.

This stunning novel grapples with the huge themes of life, and turns the reader's expectations upside down again and again, with one vertiginous plunge after another.

Series : The Cup of the World

Published by : Corgi Childrens

Date: 02 July 2009

ISBN: 978-0552561655

Format: Paperback

Pages: 432pp

Price : £8.99

John Dickinson

I left a career in Defence and international affairs to become a writer. I did it because ... well, because ...