The Widow and the King
John Dickinson

This stunning book opens twelve years after the end of The Cup of the World and tells the story of Ambrose, son of Phaedra and last in the king's line, who is living exiled with his mother in the dilapidated manor of Tarceny.

Ambrose's life is threatened by the hooded priest of the Undercraft, an ancestral spirit of pure evil who must end Ambrose's life in order to survive himself. And even when Ambrose is hidden within the house of the Widow of Develin, a hallowed place of learning and haven of education, the priest and his minions slowly and subtly infiltrate within, subverting the minds of those most educated and powerful and leaving Ambrose in mortal danger.

This book is about the meaning of kingship, the relationship between father and son, mother and son, the importance of courage and knowledge, innocence and experience. It is a huge and marvellous read - challenging and uplifting.

Series : The Cup of the World

Published by : Corgi Childrens

Date: 06 April 2006

ISBN: 978-0552552462

Format: Paperback

Pages: 624pp

Price : £6.99

John Dickinson

I left a career in Defence and international affairs to become a writer. I did it because ... well, because ...