Kenneth Oppel

The third book in Kenneth Oppel’s astonishing trilogy – with over a million copies sold!

The earth heaves and splits in a terrible quake and Griffin, a Silverwing newborn, is sucked into a fissure deep below the earth. Shade, Griffin's father, soon realises that his son has been drawn into the Underworld, and embarks on the most dangerous of journeys to rescue him.

Shade knows he must find Griffin quickly, but something else is hunting Griffin - a deadly foe Shade hoped he would never see again…

Series : The Silverwing Trilogy

Published by : David Fickling Books

Date: 07 May 2015

ISBN: 9781910200360

Format: Paperback

Pages: 290pp

Price : £6.99

Kenneth Oppel

I was born in Port Alberni, a mill town on Vancouver Island in western Canada but spent the bulk of my childhood in Victoria, B.C. and on the opposite coast, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At around twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer (this came after deciding I wanted to be a scientist, and then an architect).