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The Murdstone Trilogy

06 November 2014

We're absolutely delighted to publish TODAY - 6 November 2014 - Mal Peet's unique, extraordinary and hilarious THE MURDSTONE TRILOGY!

It's a fantasy...and an anti-fantasy. It's a hilarious satire...and deeply moving. It's Mal Peet's first book for adults. You won't have read anything quite like this before, and it is very special indeed.

Early readers and reviewers have been loving THE MURDSTONE TRILOGY:

'A genuinely funny comedy – with a Pratchettian mix of gusto and warmth...This may be Mal Peet’s first book for grownups, but it is an assured, even virtuoso, performance fully deserving that most prestigious of accolades – a rave review in the Guardian.' - Guardian

'I enjoyed this novel hugely. It had a fat, throbbing vein of dark hilarity running right through the middle, with skewered literary personages shrieking and wittering either side. It's a complete nutty fantasy, and yet there's enough weird truth in it to really worry any writer - oh, okay, any reader - who picks it up. If you've ever wondered what the heck writers do all day, The Murdstone Trilogy will give you a good idea - bwahaha - ' - Margo Lanagan

'One of the cleverest, funniest satires on the genre to have appeared...Peet is fabulously talented' - Amanda Craig, Literary Review

'The Murdstone Trilogy is my favourite book of the year so far. Honestly, it is. It's absolutely, utterly hilarious...It's original and snarky and subversive and truly hilarious but it's also got a wonderfully generous heart...Truly: I can't recommend The Murdstone Trilogy highly enough. I've never read anything quite like it.' - Bookbag

To celebrate publication day, we have a new exclusive extract for you:

Right Here!

THE MURDSTONE TRILOGY is available to buy right now from the DFB Shop!