My Name's Not Friday
Jon Walter


Samuel’s an educated boy. Been taught by a priest. He was never supposed to be a slave.

He’s a good boy too, thought- ful and kind. The type of boy who’d take the blame for something he didn’t do, if

it meant he could save his brother.

So now they don’t call him Samuel anymore.

And the sound of guns is getting ever closer . . .

Jon Walter’s second novel is a beautiful and moving story about the power of belief and the strength of the human spirit, set against the terrifying backdrop of the American Civil War.


Published by : David Fickling Books

Date: 02 July 2015

ISBN: 978-1910200438

Format: Hardback

Pages: 370pp

Price : £12.99

Jon Walter

Jon Walter is a former photo-journalist who lives in East Sussex.

A long time ago he went to Warwick University and studied English & Theatre before going on to sell T-shirts on Brighton Pier.

He likes being warm in cold places and eating nice food.